4 Great Benefits of Installing Quartz Countertops In Your Home

For the last decade, granite has been the go-to choice for countertops.

But, the granite trend may be on its way out due to new options that have become available on the market.

If you’re considering remodeling your home’s kitchen countertops in Suwanee, quartz is a great option. Click here to learn about just 4 of the great benefits of quartz countertops.

1. Nonporous Surface

There’s no question that granite is a beautiful stone, but there may be a better option if you are concerned about keeping it clean and sanitary.

Because of how quartz is engineered, it has a nonporous surface. This means there are no holes or cracks where liquids can be absorbed. With a nonporous surface, it is much easier to keep the counter clean and sanitized.

A smooth, nonporous surface makes it much easier to wipe down and disinfect. This will prevent any bacteria or viruses from becoming engrained in your counter.

In addition to being bacteria-free, nonporous quartz also means that you don’t need to worry about stains seeping through your new countertops.

No water stains, condensation drips, or spills will ruin your quartz countertops.

2. Ease of Maintenance

We get it. Life is busy. You don’t have the time or the desire to spend on making sure your counters are up to par.

This is another reason why quartz is so appealing. With granite or concrete counters, a sealant or wax coat must be applied on top. One of the benefits to quartz is that it doesn’t need any sort of top coating.

Once you get a quartz countertop, you won’t have to worry about keeping your granite or concrete counters sealed. You can just cross that off your to-do list forever.

3. Fits Any Style

Like we’ve mentioned, quartz is a human-made material. This means that it can be engineered to have a wide range of colors and patterns.

You can have anything from apple green to plum purple and anything in between. What about natural colors and patterns? Absolutely. Natural browns and grays are always favorite.

After you have the perfect color and pattern, you can also choose either a matte or a shiny finish for your quartz countertop.

Because there are so many ways to individualize the look, quartz countertops are becoming more and more popular. Especially with those who want to customize their kitchens.

4. Good Long-term Investment

Quartz is very tough and durable. Quartz countertops are human-made slabs of stone with binding polymers and colored pigments. This makes quartz countertops very hard.

Quartz countertops can tolerate almost anything you throw their way. They are very resistant to scratches, dents, chips, and stains. So even if you have a bunch of kids, a dog, and a cat, you won’t need to worry about your countertops.

Enjoy the Benefits of Quartz Countertops

The building, buying, or remodeling your dream kitchen is overwhelming and stressful. So we’ll help you with one decision, and that is by choosing quartz countertops.

There are many benefits of quartz countertops including:

  • durability
  • low maintenance
  • increase of popularity

So stay ahead of the trends by contacting us to getting your quartz countertops on their way.