Our Most Popular Sinks

We stock many other sinks faucets. All our stainless steel sinks are 304 series heavy duty certified, 18/10 Chrome/Nickel ratio, soft satin brush finish, sprayed sound proof coating, with additional Think sound proof pads, Super reinforced “No flex” Deck. Download our Sink choice pdf. Download our Edge Profile Sheet.

 50/50  Equal Double Bowl

  60/40 Offset Double Bowl (Reverse available)

70/30 Offset Double Bowl (Reverse available)

Large Single Bowl

Bar/Prep Sink

Round Prep/Sink

Under-Mount Porcelain Vanity Sinks

Edge Profiles

Download our Edge Profile Sheet. Download our Sink choice pdf. Laminated Edge and Other Edge Profiles are Available at Additional Cost.


Pencil Round T/B

1/4 Bevel

1/4 Round


1/2 Bull Nose

1/2 Bevel

1/4 Bevel T/B

Full Bull Nose

Demi Bull Nose


Short Ogee

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