Sinks and Edges

Our Most Popular Sinks

We stock many other sinks faucets. All our stainless steel sinks are 304 series heavy duty certified, 18/10 Chrome/Nickel ratio, soft satin brush finish, sprayed sound proof coating, with additional Think sound proof pads, Super reinforced “No flex” Deck.

 50/50  Equal Double Bowl

  60/40 Offset Double Bowl (Reverse available)

70/30 Offset Double Bowl (Reverse available)

Large Single Bowl

Bar/Prep Sink

Round Prep/Sink

Under-Mount Porcelain Vanity Sinks

Edge Profiles

Download our Edge Profile Sheet. Download our Sink choice pdf. Laminated Edge and Other Edge Profiles are Available at Additional Cost.


Pencil Round T/B

1/4 Bevel

1/4 Round


1/2 Bull Nose

1/2 Bevel

1/4 Bevel T/B

Full Bull Nose

Demi Bull Nose


Short Ogee

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