5 Questions You Might Have About Marble Countertops, Answered

If you’ve ever seen a home and garden magazine, chances are you’ve seen gorgeous pictures of natural stone countertops in beautiful luxurious kitchens.

The good news is that you can have these gorgeous countertops in your home by countertop installers in Johns Creek. But before you go for it, you probably have some questions that you want answered.

We’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about marble countertops. Read this you can know all the information before having them installed in your home.

How Heat Resistant Are Marble Countertops?

Kitchens are notorious for numerous hot things. Hot pans, steaming mugs of coffee, brownie pans right out of the oven, etc. So how does marble stand up to the heat?

Marble is heat resistant. You can place hot pans, mugs, casserole dishes, etc on marble without having to worry. Heat won’t cause it to crack, melt, or deform.

Marble is quite durable. This makes it great for resisting damage from the heat that you’ve come to expect in the kitchen.

Does Marble Stain Easily?

One of the drawbacks to marble compared to other countertop materials is that it’s more porous.

This means that marble more easily soaks up liquids. An unsealed or unprotected marble countertop can soak up, and be stained by, oil, juice, wine, etc.

How Do You Maintain Marble Countertops?

The good news after answering the last question is that you can prevent staining and damage. As long as you perform with proper maintenance, you can prevent damage. Most marble countertops will be protected with a sealant, which will help prevent staining, scratches, and more.

You should have your countertops sealed at least once per year. You should also try to clean spills as soon as possible in order to prevent any from soaking into the marble and leaving a stain.

Are Marble Countertops Expensive?

Most natural countertops will be pricier compared to imitations or other cheaper countertop materials. However, marble countertops can be less expensive than other natural stone options.

We also offer huge discounts, free estimates, and free design options, which will save you money and save on your investment in the long run.

What’s the Difference Between Marble and Granite Countertops?

Sometimes people mix up these two countertop options, or they don’t know the difference.

Granite countertops are slightly more durable and less porous than marble. Granite is also slightly cheaper than marble usually, and it requires slightly less maintenance.

Both are beautiful and natural countertop options. There are slight differences. But, the decision usually comes down to personal preference, budget, and desired design elements.

Bottom Line

Marble countertops are an excellent way to bring a bit of luxury into your home while keeping it functional and practical for your kitchen. The durability combined with the gorgeous look of this stone makes marble a great choice for any kitchen.

If you have any more questions about marble countertops or want to get an online quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also check out our online quote calculator.