5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Countertops in the Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen countertops is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. It can also give the room a refreshed look, and make you feel like the space is more personal and tailored to your style.

It can be hard to find the motivation to begin the project though, even if you are aware of all the benefits.

It’s important to recognize, though, that aesthetics isn’t the only reason to replace countertops in your kitchen. There could be some safety and quality reasons to trade out your old countertops for something new.

Lots of homeowners are left wondering whether or not their kitchens actually need new countertops. Below, we’re going through five signs that it is, in fact, time for an upgrade.

Read on to learn more.

1. You’re Noticing Cracks or Erosion

If your original countertops were low quality, it’s likely that they’ll begin cracking over time. It’s also possible that low quality countertops will wear down to the point that you can see the material underneath.

If your countertops do reach the point where this starts happening, they’re already past the point of repair. Replacing your countertops is your only option, and this time you can install a high-quality product that will last.

2. Your Countertops Have Burn Marks

You may want to replace countertops in your kitchen once you start to notice burn marks or other stains on the surface of the material.

Sometimes these marks are the result of everyday cooking. In some cases, though, they result from putting hot food down on the counter without a trivet or cleaning with the wrong type of materials.

After you get your new countertops installed, be conscious of how you’re treating them so they’ll last you as long as possible.

3. You’re Making Other Kitchen Upgrades

If you’re updating other aspects of your kitchen, you might find that your old countertops no longer go with the style of the room.

Outdated wooden countertops, for example, would look strange in a kitchen with the latest appliances. Switching out your countertop material for something that’s more modern will create a more seamless look for the kitchen overall.

4. You Want to Expand

Depending on when your original countertops were installed, the material used for them may no longer be available. That can be a problem when you’re expanding the footprint of your kitchen.

You want all of your countertops to have the same look and be made from the same material. If you’re adding on to your kitchen, it’s better to replace everything so that it all matches together.

5. You Need a More Practical Material

Granite countertop colors in Lawrenceville are easier to clean than others, and, depending on your lifestyle, you may not have a lot of time for high-maintenance upkeep.

If your kitchen is always busy with family activity and different mealtimes, look for countertops that can better accommodate that lifestyle.

Ready to Replace Countertops in Your Kitchen?

If your current countertops have structural damage, you will need to replace them. Even if they don’t, though, there are lots of reason why you should consider making the upgrade to your kitchen.

For more information about starting your countertop upgrade, please contact us at any time.