Hiring a professional for new countertop Installation

When you looking to install countertops in Atlanta many residents sometimes underestimate the difficulty involved in installing countertops all on their own. The most common type of countertop material for Atlanta residents is composed of natural stone. Natural stone has benefits including durability, ease of handling and ease of maintenance. That being said actually installing a solid surface countertop is a difficult task. Natural stone countertops are not only heavy but become quite expensive to install. As a homeowner, you may think going this route will be a cost-effective option. In this article we have a few reasons on why hiring a specialist will give you peace of mind.

Support & Leveling

When it comes time to install a natural stone counter in your in dream kitchen, the most important thing to take into consideration is that all the slabs line up properly across your kitchen cabinets. An installation specialist understands how to make sure each piece of slab will fit perfectly across multiple cabinets. The heavy natural stone will be supported and reinforced by the level cabinets to make sure that there will be no cracks in your slab during the time of installation.

High-quality results

Because of the nature of countertop installations, mistakes or mishaps are a common issue. Major problems include uneven slabs, incorrect grout lines, along with cracks and fractures in the slabs. For this reason alone a DIY method is not recommended as a cost effective solution. Countertop installers are highly trained to perform quality installations. Those who lack knowledge typically end up a low-quality installation. This can cause even more issues down the line such as increased wear and tear that can result in costly repairs. It can also cause you yearly maintenance cost to increase. The benefit of hiring an installation specialist will show in minimal accidents and eliminate additional costs and headache by providing you with a quality installation.

Quicker and simpler installation

When it comes down to it installing countertops on your own can be a time-consuming process. Theres no shortage of tutorials and how-to’s videos found all over the internet. The instructions can sometimes be hard to understand. If you run into a problem such as a mistake or an accident you’ll most like end up losing precious time. A countertop specialist knows everything about the job and whats needed to complete the job. Without mistakes or accidents, your installation can be completed quickly and easily without any major hang ups.

Tools of the trade

Countertop specialists know that installations need to fit and work around complex features and angles such as sinks. They have all the necessary tools to finalize your installation. The truth is a high-quality installations do require certain tools, including tools for cutting, balancing, lifting, transporting, and supporting the natural stone material. Another set of special tools are needed for backsplash installation. If you need to purchase all the tools or even rent them it will add up your installation expenses. Let a specialist deal with these tasks. Skip these costs by using installers and save the money on tools that may never use again.

Less Mess

Cutting stone can be very messy. When a natural stone is cut everything in the vicinity collects the dust. Dust can cause long term stains on walls, windows, carpets, and furniture. Cleaning can become time-consuming. A specialist take the time to cut your slab correctly at the fabricator for a perfect install, This way there is no spread or dirty entering your home at the time of installation.