Granite Care: How to Maintain Your Countertops

Granite countertops have been popular since the legend and environmental graphic designer, Deborah Sussman, used granite in her kitchen. It’s a beautiful and efficient natural stone surface with plenty of benefits.

Are you worried about switching to granite because you’re not sure how to maintain and clean it? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. We will go over some preventative tips and find out how to go about granite care.

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Granite Care Starts with a High-Quality Sealer

Since granite is resistant to bacteria, it has become a popular choice in households.

Before you use your granite countertop, you will want to spread on a granite sealer. Do this when the granite is dry. A professional can reseal it. Leave it to someone who has experience.

Your sealer will add shine to the granite and protect it from stains.

Now, let’s examine some granite care tips such as general cleaning and how to remove stains.

Cleaning Granite Countertops

You can clean your granite countertops with warm water and soap. Don’t use vinegar, bleach, or Windex. Acidic substances can weaken the sealant and full the look of granite.

If something spills, try and clean it up fast. Try not to leave olive oil bottles on the counter. The bottom of the container can be wet. Instead, move these inside a cabinet.

Using abrasive pads or cleaners can scratch the granite. You don’t need anything fancy. Hot water and soap work fine.

Granite countertops are easy to maintain. Even stains can be removed.

Removing Stains

If there is a stain on your granite countertop, remove it with a little bit of water and baking powder. Make a paste with these two, and wipe at the spot with a soft cloth. Make sure to rinse it with lukewarm water.

For tougher stains, let the paste sit on the spot until it dries. Afterward, wipe the paste off with a soft cloth and rinse it with warm water.

How to Shine Your Granite Countertops

A simple technique to add a shine to your granite is by placing a bit of cooking oil on a cleaning cloth. Make sure it’s soft on. Buff the countertop. It will shine and be more stain-resistant.

Resealing Granite Countertops

Even though you take care of your countertops, it won’t be enough. You’ll have to reseal the granite over time.

Wear and tear will rub the sealant off. Your countertop can stain and appear dull. It’s time to have it resealed. Leave the resealing to a professional. They have experience and will know exactly how to maintain your discount granite countertops alpharetta.

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Remember, use soft cloths and non-acidic cleaning supplies. Care for it as long as you can and then think about having it resealed.

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