Kitchen Counter Tips for your Next Remodeling Project

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen and you don’t know where to begin? I know It’s tempting to jump right in and start picking out backsplashes, custom cabinets, countertops and paint colors when it’s time for a new kitchen. There are so many unique Kitchen countertop designs in Lawrenceville that there is a lot on your plate to consider. But hang on a minute: There a few things you should do before you begin, to ensure your new dreamed of kitchen surface comes together beautifully and a great cost.

Hire Professional Help

Consider hiring a professional kitchen designer to help. If something goes wrong in the designing and building of a new kitchen, they’ve experienced it. You should take advantage of the knowledge they’ve gained over the years to avoid making mistakes. A  professional kitchen counter designer can help you efficiently choose a layout, understand what can and can’t be done in your new kitchen and find clever ways to maximize your budget. At AA Granite Fabricator we have excellent professionals that can help you from step one to completion.

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Start Collecting Ideas

Before you begin your kitchen remodel, start collecting ideas, brainstorming what you would like to see in your home. This way you can give your input with a wish list able to fluctuate some while working with your contractor. Plan ahead of time of where you plan to eat while the remodel is being done, you can even have a restaurant list of restaurants you have meaning to try. If you prefer to not eat out while the remodeling is being done you can set up a temporary kitchen outside of the area where the rebuilding is being done. Consider where your “water source” will be in relation to your temporary kitchen. At AA Granite Fabricator Direct we make it easy for homeowners by our 6 step process, we will walk with you every step of the way and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Know the timeline for Remodel

Also a few more practical things to remember, clean out the fridge, move the microwave, toaster, coffee maker (don’t forget to put the filters and coffee close at hand too!) Keep the basics handy: butter, salt, and pepper, favorite spices, sugar etc. Pack up the kitchen (or bathroom) well before the remodel.  While it’s a great time to “spring clean” your shelves, don’t forget to label the storage boxes well.  This will make the unpacking process a lot easier and a lot more fun! Every kitchen remodeling project is unique.   Your kitchen designer will go over the specific timeline with you for your particular job.

Create a Budget

Some other things to think about when planning for a remodel is your budget. How do you know what your budget will be? Prepare the finances ahead of time, either put money aside or get your credit checked and scope out the real estate market to see how much your home is worth. If your kitchen is already in good shape and you’re thinking about remodeling for your own preferences, your increase in home equity isn’t going to be great. If you have a kitchen that has fallen or is about to fall into disrepair and looks faded or out-of-date, a full-scale kitchen remodel can make a lot more sense. Figure out what bothers you the most about your current kitchen and see how much it will cost to fix the issue. For example, if you don’t like doing the dishes, a new custom sink and deluxe dishwasher should be put in the budget. If you are unhappy with the entire kitchens look, kitchen decorating and design should have top priority. Make sure you are able to readjust your budget to fit your needs and wallet.

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When you are remodeling your kitchen, you’re probably going to want a new sink. Since this will be one of the main functioning elements of your new kitchen, it’s worth going beyond the basics for this long-run workhorse. There are hundreds of design elements that can make your kitchen beautiful, but the sink and faucet can really set the stage. At AA Granite Fabricator Direct servicing Lawrenceville, GA we offer a FREE stainless steel under mount sink with a purchase of 50+ square feet, this gives buyers a little breathing room when it comes to their budget. Granite or Marble countertops look beautiful to update and modernize your home and to top it off a stainless steel sink puts the whole package together, bringing your home from outdated to renovated. Every stone slab is unique, every kitchen is unique, every customer’s personal style is unique. Your new kitchen countertop demands attention to the tiniest of detail in order for it to represent the finest quality that you deserve.

Be Realistic

Be honest with yourself on how your kitchen will be used on an everyday basis. Are you a gourmet cook or a casual one? Does the family do homework in the kitchen or is it really just a cook-and-leave space? Are you a big entertainer and you want plenty of room for visitors to chat with you while you cook? Is your family getting bigger as you have children or smaller as your children grow up and move out? All of these questions will help when designing the layout of your new and improved kitchen. Whatever you decide, your kitchen transformation will make your home more comfortable and efficient and, in the long run, it will pay off if you decide to sell it.

Making a new kitchen into a reality does take work, but if you plan ahead and think smart, the process should be faster, and easier once you get started. Well planned purchases and small changes can produce big results with little money.  We pride ourselves in excellent customer care specialists that are available every step of the way to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Our specialists in design, estimation, scheduling, fabrication, and installation are always available to answer any questions and resolve any issues you may have.