Quartz Countertops are Growing in Popularity

More modern and ultra-contemporary kitchen designs are in high demand these days. Thanks to the growth in home design tv shows, reality home shows and DIY bloggers. With the new trends pointing toward minimal, easy to clean styles. Whichever the case contemporary design trends and innovative production techniques have brought us a whole new army of kitchen countertop options. Throughout the years granite has been the ultimate choice when it comes to countertops. They are still a great option due to the color variations, durability, and appearance.

The main reason for considering quartz countertops is because they are virtually maintenance free. Meaning, they are a nonporous surface and they do not stain. After having a spill on your quartz countertops you don’t have to panic. In Addition to ease of care, these countertops come in many different shades, including blue, aqua, red, with much more color options available. So, If you have a certain color in mind chances are you’ll be able to find the perfect quartz option. Although quartz countertops are an investment, they will significantly increase the value of you home. Many home owners choose to use this to their advantage when in the market to sell their home. Many buyers look for high-end countertops when finding a new home.

If you live near Tucker GA and would like to more about quartz countertops stop by our showroom. At AA Granite Fabricator Direct we are your one stop shop for granite remodeling, we also have beautiful quartz countertops with the right balance between price at the highest quality. Here are a few reason so choose quartz countertops in your home.

Why Quartz Countertops Are the New Trend?

if you don’t consider yourself a geologist, comparing types of stone for your kitchen countertop can be slightly intimidating. Over the years people of quarried stone for application such as columns, tables, and amazing sculptures. Today modern engineering can even combine different type of rock to produce new products. One of the products is  composite quartz which make household items more functional and less expensive. Quartz has increased in popularity due to range of benefits for consumers.


Quartz Countertops Manufacturing 

Quartz is a natural rock, but modern countertops are made of quartz are actually a composite of ground quartz, polymer resin and pigment. They might not be considered a neutral stone product almost the entirety of a quartz countertop is comprised of natural minerals. the average quartz slab has about 97% quartz minerals. The remaining 3% is made up of the resin holding it together. Unlike marble and granite which has to be mined in very specific regions of the earth and have finite quantities, quartz is the second most abundant mineral in earth’s crust. This style of countertop has been around for over 30 years, until recently becoming more affordable and versatile for home owners to take advantage of.


Granite and Quartz are strong, granite in natural while quartz is inspected in a lab. Granite suppliers don’t know what’s on the inside a slab of granite this means that there may be a crack or defect that could prevent the piece from being as strong as the others. Quartz tend to be easier to guarantee because it was created in a lab environment. Did you know quartz can be up to five time stronger than granite? that makes it virtually crack resistant. Because the resin is non-porous and doesn’t require sealing, you don’t have to worry about staining or unsanitary bacteria or mold build up. No proactive maintenance required.


Another benefit to quartz is the number of color choice it comes in. Quartz countertop pigments are artificial, so bright colors to dark colors are all possible. If you have a specific wish for the color of your quartz you can even create a custom quartz countertop to fit you exact wishes. quartz will also maintain it’s lustrous appearance for many years to come with just a damp cloth and a non-bleach, non-abrasive cleanser, if necessary.


The Momentum Isn’t Stopping 

Granite is typically the go to choice for consumers when shopping for solid surface countertops, but quartz countertops have been gaining momentum. Recent studies show consumer choosing granite 41% of the time and quartz 40%. This can be due to the ever-growing varsity of designs, patterns, and colors offered in the market. Busy families enjoy the low maintenance benefits of quartz countertops vs granite countertops.

Unlike granite counters, quartz do not require a periodic re-sealing. Although there have many advances in granite sealing, many still believe it should be done annually. This myth has created more interest in quartz counters.

Many granite options are dark, but quartz is available is lighter colors and can be more appealing to homeowners when designing their modern kitchens. Quartz can even mimic the light tones of marble and of course the dark colors as well.

If you are looking to improve your home value and keep up with the trends going with quartz countertops are an ideal solution. It doesn’t have to be hard to modernize your kitchen and increase marketability.

If you are in Tucker, Georgia and would like to know more about quartz countertops. Visit our showroom to view our available options, stop by and see AA Granite Fabricator Direct. We offer quartz countertops and were confident we will meet your expectations. Come see our knowledgable sales staff and view quartz first hand, let us begin the kitchen transformation process today.