The True Cost of a New Kitchen Countertops

If you’ve begun shopping around for new kitchen countertops you may end up a little confused. If you’ve found yourself comparing prices at the big box stores, kitchen remodeling companies or contractors you may see large differences in pricing. One of our most asked questions by homeowners when visiting our showroom is “How much does a new countertop really cost?”

If you asked this exact question at your local big box store, you’ll most likely with a run-around, unclear answer leaving you without any real direction. At AA Granite Fabricator Direct we’ve asked our highly trained designers and expert craftsmen to weigh in on this common question. Our goal is to get you straight answers in this blog.

When you step into a big box store that sells bulk kitchen countertops, you’ll usually be given one offer or price. The price may seem affordable when comparing to kitchen remodeling companies at first sight, but unfortunately this number is just a starting number and does not represent your final price. The truth is that an advertised price includes very little, and basically only covers the countertop and nothing else that is vital to your kitchen countertop installation in Flowery Branch.

Hidden charges

At first the small price point can be quite appealing, but your final price will dramatically increase as they begin to reveal all the hidden fees and extra charges. Many stores do not include templating and fabrication, which is why you should know the desired shape, size, and style of your new countertop. In most instances, these stores will charge you for the templates and for the fabrication of the countertop product. If you are looking at countertops in bulk the edge profile style and radius corners are not included in the counter you purchase incurring more fees and additional charges, continuing to sky rocket your final price.

Flowery branch kitchen countertop design

You probably already now granite countertops are extremely heavy. The delivery expense of such a large piece of product is one of the largest hidden charges you will be hit with when you purchase a new countertop. This cost can exceed hundred of dollars alone.

How about installation? Of course, there will be fees for the installation from a big box store. Do you have the skill to install the countertops by yourself? Many stores will be happy to add the charge to your credit card. Because of the many steps connected to the countertops installation process there may be even more costs involved. One must disconnect current appliances, remove old countertops, re-level cabinets, attach the under-mount sinks, drill holes for faucets and finally install the new countertops.

The All Inclusive AA Granite Fabricator Direct Countertop

While the small entry price may seem attractive at a big box store, the faint price will quickly grow larger and larger as additional fees and hidden charges are added in. AA Granite Fabricator Direct prides itself in being open and honest with our customers, they’ll be no hidden charges just upfront transparency for homeowners. You won’t incur additional fees or hidden charges to surprise your budget.

Not only does AA Granite Fabricator Direct include everything you need for a new countertop of your dreams, we also get rid of the pesky sales tax. New granite countertops in Flowery Branch are a wonderful choice for the home, To Top it off we fabricate in-house and offer unique slabs that can’t be found in the big box stores.