20 Aug 2018

What if one wrong choice completely ruined your bathroom renovations? It may sound like a renovation nightmare. However, choosing the wrong material for your bathroom countertops can absolutely sink the value of a pricey renovation. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help maximize your renovation value with our guide to the three best materials for […]

18 Aug 2018

A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a big project that involves a lot of choices. One of the most important choices you’ll make lies in regard to your countertops. And, there are so many options, from marble to granite, and quartzite, of course. Quartzite may sound similar to another stone that you’re probably thinking of, […]

16 Aug 2018

Quartz countertops are hyped up to be one of the best countertop materials. Quartz is also promoted as one of the best options for kitchen countertops. Quartz is heat-resistant, waterproof, and easy to care. But there’s one major area issue that can plague your kitchen countertops: staining. With all types of food and food products you […]

25 Jul 2018

For the last decade, granite has been the go-to choice for countertops. But, the granite trend may be on its way out due to new options that have become available on the market. If you’re considering remodeling your home’s kitchen countertops in Suwanee, quartz is a great option. Click here to learn about just 4 of the […]

You’re finally doing it. You’re re-doing your kitchen to make it the kitchen on your dreams. It’s a hefty financial investment, but it’ll be so worth it. Just imagine those gorgeous dinners you’ll be hosting! But before you get ahead of yourself, you’ve got some decisions to make. What type of granite are you going […]

19 Jul 2018

If you’re planning on renovating a kitchen or bathroom anytime soon, you’re going to have to make a choice about countertops. If you don’t have an understanding of the materials in front of you, you run the risk of being sold a countertop that doesn’t suit your needs. The two most popular choices are quartz […]

18 Jul 2018

If you’ve ever seen a home and garden magazine, chances are you’ve seen gorgeous pictures of natural stone countertops in beautiful luxurious kitchens. The good news is that you can have these gorgeous countertops in your home by countertop installers in Johns Creek. But before you go for it, you probably have some questions that you […]

17 Jun 2018

Marble kitchen countertops look great, but are they really the best choice for your home? For starters, there’s the ever-present dilemma of marble vs. quartz. Though quartz is the more durable material, it’s also more expensive. Plus, most white quartz countertops are less stain-resistant than their marble counterparts. Of course, there are many other suitable […]

16 Jun 2018

You’ve just installed your new white countertops and there is already a mustard stain on it. We can’t have nice things, as Paula Poundstone jokes. Dreaming of those marble countertops is not likely the reality of having them. You need to take care of them, to keep them white. Maintaining white marble countertops Alpharetta will require regular […]