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Options for Low-Maintenance Countertops for a Dream Kitchen

Choosing granite kitchen countertops in Johns Creek for your kitchen is an exciting time. But, not so exciting is not knowing what type of countertops will suit your kitchen best. You need reliable, durable countertops that will last. And, depending on your family’s needs may also depend on the different countertops you choose from. One […]
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Coordinating Countertops and Cabinets for the Perfect Kitchen

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Deciding how to coordinate your countertops and cabinets is a big decision! Picking the right kind of material, color scheme, and texture of your remodeling materials doesn’t have to be difficult. By reading this article, you can learn how to make smart choices about your kitchen remodel and have it looking good […]
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3 Ways a Countertop Specialist Can Help You Design Your Kitchen

Have you ever played around with kitchen design apps? What’s your favorite thing about them? How about the things you don’t like so much? Despite their popularity and ease of use, such apps will rarely give you the results you want in real life. Kitchen designers hardly use these types of tools. Even if you fancy yourself as […]
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Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Worktops: Which are Right for You?

Having to choose between two solid countertop materials is a hard choice. Deciding which one is right for you can come down to how each of them looks. On the other hand, quartz kitchen worktops seem to be at the top of people’s list. It’s low-maintenance which means it won’t need resealing. The bottom line is that […]
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Hiring a professional for new countertop Installation

When you looking to install countertops in Atlanta many residents sometimes underestimate the difficulty involved in installing countertops all on their own. The most common type of countertop material for Atlanta residents is composed of natural stone. Natural stone has benefits including durability, ease of handling and ease of maintenance. That being said actually installing […]
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